Rules and Regulations

Campers:  One RV per site, maximum of 2 cars.

*Persons - 21 years or older (I.D. required).

*Family - mom/dad and dependent children.

Visitors:  $5/person. Pass required and must be displayed on left side window of your vehicle. Check-out is 8 p.m. and on Sundays 4 p.m. Overnight guests are $10/person payable by 5 p.m.

Speed:  5 MPH, NO EXCEPTIONS! There will be a $100.00 violation fine for those who don't comply.

Quiet Time:  10 p.m.- 8 a.m. everyday, 12 a.m.-8 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. 

Pets:  Dogs must be kept on a leash, quiet, and cleaned up after. Barking dogs will not be tolerated. Two dogs maximum per site. Pets cannot be left unattended. Do not chain pets to trees. Owners are responsible for accidents caused by dogs, if complying with campground rules.

Children:  Must be accompanied by an adult at all times. NO children allowed in the pool without adult supervision.  Must wear a life-vest on riverfront and/or on the pier at all times with adult supervision. All children must be by their sites by 9 p.m. No loud music or other disturbances during this time.

Messages:  Emergency messages will be brought to your site; all other messages will be displayed on the game room billboard.

Campfires: Permitted in designated area only. One fire per site. NO bonfires. NO burning of tires or other “non-wood” material. Bring your own pre-cut firewood or you may purchase it from the camp store.

• Must be registered in office with proof of insurance.
• Kids under 18 years of age cannot drive golf carts in this park.
• Lights must be used on golf carts after dark, if not, you cannot drive it.

NO-NO’s: Fireworks, firearms, big wheels, BB guns, bow & arrows, children with knives, sling-shots, axes and hatchets, saws of any kind, Deposit these items in the office. Motorcycles must be driven to sites and parked. No joy riding. No bicycles after dark. NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS OR GARBAGE in the FIRE PITS. ONLY BRANCHES, LEAVES AND FIREWOOD.

Refunds: No refunds for inclement weather or early departures. Deposits returned if cancellations are received 48 hours prior to reserved date. No refunds if evicted. $15.00 cancellation fee/reserved site.

Activities: Inquire at store for special activities and events.

Sites:  Check out time by 8:00 PM or an additional $10/hour will be charged. You must let the campground management know of any late check-outs.

Gates:  No Opening Gates for other people at entrance.  

Thank you for keeping this park safe and clean.